Earn IHG Hotel Points With GrubHub and OpenTable

You can now earn points with IHG Rewards by ordering food on GrubHub and making reservations on OpenTable. According to their press release, you will be able to access GrubHub and OpenTable through their website and mobile app; doing so will earn IHG Rewards Club points.

For OpenTable, you will earn:

  • 500 points for your first reservation via IHG

  • 300 points for a reservation at a restaurant within the IHG Hotel Chain

  • 150 points for all other reservations

For Grubhub, you will earn:

  • 500 points for your first order via IHG

  • 250 points for all subsequent requests

According to IHG's press release, these new ways to get points are available now; as of 11/17/17, I have not been able to find where in IHG's app/website to access OpenTable or GrubHub. I will update this post when I learn more.

These two new ways to earn points are nothing huge, but keep in mind that over time it will add up and can help to top off your account and get closer to securing enough points for your next trip. Also, all earning activity keeps your points from expiring. So if you were already going to be using OpenTable or GrubHub, going through the IHG channel would be a great way to keep your points balance active for another year.

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