How to Combine Points Between Chase Cards

One of the best credit card combinations to have is a Chase Sapphire (Reserve or Preferred) paired with the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited and/or an Ink Business card. Having multiple cards allows you to maximize your earning in different spend categories and increase your annual point accrual overall.

This post will illustrate the rules and how-tos in moving points between Chase cards. Eligible cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards and are listed below.

Personal Cards

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited

  • Chase Freedom

Business Cards

  • Ink Business Cash

  • Ink Business Preferred

All other credit cards issued by Chase earn other forms of rewards that cannot be pooled with the ones listed above.

So let's say you've earned points on the Chase Freedom Unlimited and would like to redeem them. You can cash them out as a statement credit for one cent a piece or transfer them to a Chase Sapphire card where you can use them for travel and get a larger return (look for a post on this soon)

Figure 1

To get started, login to your Chase account and scroll down on the left side of the screen to where it says Ultimate Rewards in a blue box. For this demonstration I'll be moving points from the Chase Freedom Unlimited to the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

2. Select the card that you'd like to transfer points to.

Figure 2

3. On the top right, select the button that says Combine Points.

Figure 3

4. Select the cards that you want to transfer the points between. Note that in the bottom right corner you have the option to add a household member. This can only be done for cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards and where the cardholder has the same billing address as you.

5. You can either transfer all the points from the first card or select "Other amount" and enter in the number of your choice.

6. For the final step, review your transfer and make sure the math is correct before hitting the confirmation button.