Make it easier by having everything in one place

The game of points involves having a ton of different accounts with all the airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, etc.  Fortunately, there are tools to help track all the information such as points balance, membership number, status and (my personal favorite) points expiration date.      

Often, a deal comes along that requires you to already be a member of a specific loyalty program.  For example, thanks to the Virgin America/Alaska Airlines merger, all Virgin America Elevate members who signed up prior to December 2016 received either 10,000 Alaska miles or a $100 coupon code on an Alaska Airlines (AK) flight. Since you can often get a round-trip AK flight on the west coast for 10,000 miles, this was the closest thing to free travel that I've seen in a long time.  My fiance and I both benefited from this because we were already Elevate members and had signed up with countless other programs.  Although there are several options for keeping track of all your accounts and their pertinent information, this page will cover the two main ones.         

Award Wallet

Awardwallet is my choice for points tracking as I believe it offers the most comprehensive interface at the best price.  It includes the following:

  • Syncing capabilities with the vast majority of loyalty programs, bank accounts and more.  This allows you to see the information for your Chase, Amex, Marriott, United Airlines, Hertz (and more) accounts all in one spot.

  • Auto-login feature:  Instead of having to log in to your different accounts and type out the username and passwords, Awardwallet gives you an auto-login button that will open a new tab and sign in to your program of choice. 

  • Add multiple people:  You can add accounts for your family and friends if they prefer that you manage it for them.

  • Points expiration date:  You'll know when your points are going to expire and can either use them or take the necessary steps to keep them active longer.  This option is not available in the free version and (in my opinion) is worth the $10/year subscription cost.

  • Travel itinerary tracking:  Awardwallet automatically detects booked travel with each program and will add it to your calendar and send you check-in reminders, flight change info and other notifications.

  • Mobile app for both Android & IOS 

Trip It Pro

If you are someone who values itinerary tracking and has multiple bookings with different companies, then TripIt Pro might be for you.  In addition to the points tracking features in Awardwallet, TripIt Pro also offers: 

  • Email sync:  TripIt will detect bookings in your email and automatically log it for you.

  • Seat availability:  Keeps an eye out for your seat preference and notifies you if one becomes available.

  • Shows you alternative flight options with available seats.

  • Notifies you when you become eligible for a flight refund.

  • Itinerary Sharing:  Advanced sharing options to keep your friends, family, or co-workers up to date.

TripIt Pro is $49 a year.  Although I personally don't need it, it's definitely useful for others who tend to travel more and need help organizing all their travel info.

Mentioned above are two common choices for tracking points; below is a comparison table showing other options along with some popular programs that people tend to track.  Everyone has different priorities, so research them thoroughly and pick the one that works best for you.